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The M.A.T.R.I.X of Real Estate Investing

The Winning Formula for MultiFamily Mastery
With the winning formula for multifamily mastery, you can build wealth, create passive income, and achieve financial freedom.



We as humans can only achieve what the mind can believe. I know it sounds cliché, but it holds more truth than anything else that I can teach you will. When I first started out in real estate, I was struggling with just 2 units. Once I was introduced to the world of multifamily, my mindset has expanded to allow me to believe that buying apartments is as easy as buying a single family home; it just makes so much more sense to go bigger sooner!



Knowing how to find deals is a key skillset and one that can be utilized by anyone so it's a great way to jump into the industry and provide value to a team so you can earn as you learn along the way.



Finding deals is just part of the equation. Having the ability to close will require a number of financial and service based partners. Each partner is like a key and combined, they will unlock the doors to your financial freedom.


Risk mitigation

Multifamily investing is not without its pitfalls. Over the past 5 or 6 years, investors have been spoiled with a booming economy and historically low interest rates. As interest rates continue to rise, valuations are beginning to shake confirming the need for ultra sharp analysis. This happens to be my strong suit due to my background as a senior financial analyst.



There is a laundry list of items to check for with a multifamily property. Thankfully, there are methods we implement to make sure it goes as seamless as possible so that no stone is left unturned. We will show you the exact steps the team needs to take in order to rest assured you're purchasing the right asset.



Multifamily is a people business first and always. The most successful deals are done when there is a cohesive exchange of value from everyone involved from the tenant to the investor. We as operators leverage investor capital to make community improvements to all of the properties that we purchase and the tenants are more than happy to be on the receiving end of a newly updated home to raise their kids in.

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