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Meet Rasool


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Rasool Mutawakkil is currently the Director of Acquisitions for Disrupt Equity. He control's over 3,311 doors worth more than $420 million – and he has amassed that impressive multifamily portfolio in just two short years.

He has been at the heart of the company’s success conducting financial analysis and underwriting to determine the potential value of the investment. In other words, Rasool helps analyze and identify which properties to buy based on their earning potential.

Rasool Mutawakkil has always been a man of service. Even though he graduated high school with a 4.3 GPA and had a scholarship to both University of Florida and Florida State University, he opted to join the armed services after 9/11 and serve as a military intelligence operative specializing in Korean.

After 5 years of active duty, he pursued his dream of working in the gaming industry by attending Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida and earning a Bachelor of Science in video game development in

2010. The timing was unfortunate as the market was still reeling from the great recession and large game companies were laying off employees rather than hiring them. Rasool ended up landing a job in life insurance sales which was pivotal in shaping the rest of his life. After meeting with thousands of clients over the years, there was a glaringly obvious trend that he noticed among nearly every person he had met; Very few people were well equipped for their retirement years and were doing anything they could to just not leave massive debt to their families.

Rasool would go on to study financial literacy through many financial gurus and mentors, and applying what he learned in his own life to become the first millionaire in his family's lineage in his 30's - a goal that by all other metrics should have taken him until he was well over 50 years old. Upon realizing that there was a better way, he and his wife, Ashley, had dedicated the next chapter of their lives to spreading the gospel of good financial habits, the ideology and mindset of an investor, as well as the benefits of long-term. generational wealth building through multifamily investing.

Helping everyday people achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less is the mission and multifamily investing is the vehicle to help us all get there. Rasool will use these principles to instill a new paradigm shift in the masses and help ring in a new era of prosperity and family wealth for anyone who wishes it.

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